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Cataract removal is one of the safest and most effective surgical procedures in the world today. In fact, more than 3 million cataract surgeries are performed each year in the United States. The operation entails making a tiny incision in the eye and inserting an instrument about the size of a pen tip to break up, and remove the cloudy lens. Once the cloudy lens is removed, a cataract replacement lens or “IOL”I inserted through the same tiny incision and set into its permanent position.

LASIK (Laser-Assisted-In-Situ Keratomileusis) is currently one of the most frequently performed elective procedures in the United States. It is a highly effective vision correction procedure used to correct most ranges of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. LASIK is an outpatient surgical procedure that uses a cool laser beam to gently reshape the surface of the cornea. This causes little or no discomfort and improves vision. The beam gently pulses to remove a microscopic amount of tissue, allowing images to be more sharply focused on the retina.

If you are diagnosed with glaucoma, treatment is available to save your vision. The primary goal of glaucoma treatment is to lower the intraocular pressure (IOP…also known as fluid pressure in the eye) and stop the optic nerve damage. Several kinds of treatment are available to lower IOP. These include eye drops, glaucoma laser therapy, and surgery.

Chances are high if you are in your 40s or beyond; you have begun to notice the effects of presbyopia. It might seem as if your arms aren’t long enough to read that menu. And, now you have an ever-growing collection of reading glasses. Most likely, presbyopia or “old eye” is the normal, age-related loss of near focusing ability, requiring new vision correction solutions– including Presbyopia correction. Coastal Vision Medical can help you by providing a full range of vision without glasses or contact lens. This can be accomplished with monovision all laser LASIK or with reflective lens exchange.

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